PE Prognostication with Dr Anand Senthi (part 2)


Ok, its here – the second part of the PE podcast.  This is where all the new concepts are squirrelled away.  We know that our current approach to PE is imperfect and likely does harm to a good number of patients – so can we do better? Dr Anand Senthi is back to run us […]


Paediatric Constipation: with Dr Mel and Liz

Bristol tart

OK, not the sexiest topic in the history of Broome Docs – but Paediatric constipation is common.  Maybe you’ve seen the kid with the fresh PR blood – same kid most likely. This is a nice chat on the history, exam and initial management of children with trouble in the toilet – constipation, straining, diet […]


Neonatal Resus Tips with Drs Mel Thompson and Liz Bannister


Welcome back – it has been a busy week on the job, so not much new stuff. Today I am putting out a podcast I recorded with a few of our local travelling PAediatricians – Dr Mel Thompson – who has previously delivered a couple of “lessons hard learned” and her mate Dr Liz Bannister. […]


A Tox Treat: Tox 101 with Drs Bryan Hayes and David McCoubrie


Hello and welcome back for another podcast. This week I was lucky enough to do a double interview with 2 super-smart Tox gurus.  We discuss a basic approach to a common tox scenario – the poly-substance OD with a range of medications.  The ins and outs of paracetamol [acetominophen], decontamination, mixed fox, alcohol in the […]


GET FOAMed: Generalist Emergency Training, free meducation


Today I “attended” the first Google Hangout session of the GET FOAMed Rural masterclass. This is a new collaboration between Drs Minh & Shelly le Cong, Tim Leeuwenberg, Michelle Johnson and myself.  We are all doctors with a passion for improving the standard or rural health, with a focus on the acute care.  The catch […]