Rural Anaesthesia PODCAST: February 2019

Welcome back to the latest instalment of the RADU podcast. In this episode I was joined on the couch by my Broome GPA colleagues to discuss a few topics.

Thanks to Drs Alex Harris, Melanie Little and Sascha Saharov for providing their expertise. The topics we discuss on this podcast include:

  1. Elective GA Caesarean sections in rural hospitals – what the risk?
  2. Desert island emergent appendectomy with just your McGyver skills and the bare bones of anaesthesia kit
  3. Frusemide… what is it good for? Maybe a few things…
  4. A Kracker Kimberley Case… soiled airway, seizures and such

The references and papers are below:

Joannidis et al. 10 Myths about Frusemide Intensive Care Medicine Jan 2019

Vladislav Rogozov, Neil Bermel Autoappendicectomy in the Antarctic BMJ 19 Dec 2009

Jebbin Local anaesthesia for appendicectomy: one surgeon’s experience. Nigerian Journal of Medicine, Jan 2007



  1. Adam Butler says

    I’m a GPA at Gympie Hospital( for the past 15 years) where we have about 7 GPA and one visiting Consultant anaesthetist. I enjoyed your podcast very much and will tune in more frequently. I was interested in the link to your stats on risk when you discussed a GA LSCS. I have done many of these over the years but always as a CAT 1 . I think the issue of having an elective GA LSCS has been asked but we have had the luxury of sending them an hour and a half south to a tertiary hospital. Your discussion made me contemplate that we should do the next one here. It sometimes seems ludicrous that our Consultant anaesthetist colleagues instruct us to refer them on when the most common time we need to do them is an emergency when your on your own at 2 am for a Cat 1 Caesar. It would be much better to perform one during the day with backup and a well thought out plan. Any links or information that might help justify such a move would be greatly appreciated.
    All the Best

  2. antoun boulos says

    Dear Casey,

    Thanks for your podcasts and incredible resources. I am unable to see the link the the GA CS article. Can you please put that up?
    Many thanks.

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