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First10EM Journal Club: December 2018

The year is drawing to a close and we have just one more chance to learn from my very wise, ex-Canadian friend Dr Justin Morgenstern.  In this month’s episode, Justin and I discuss a bunch of papers.  Topics include: Paediatric plastic poop OOHCA Airway options Weingart’s suction failure Cricoid pressure is not-non-inferior to nothing a […]


Rural Anaesthesia Journal Club: December 2018

Hello, The 3rd instalment of the Rural Anaesthesia Down Under / Broome Docs podcast is now out. I invited a few of my Broome gas colleagues tot he microphone to share their thoughts on a few recent articles relevant to GP anaesthesia. Dr Mel Little returns to the microphone.  This time we are joined by […]


VTE Risk and Prophylaxis: Devil in the Details

VTE is a problem – there is definitely a risk of hospitalized patients acquiring and either dying or developing complications from VTE. The problem is that “hospitalized patients” includes very heterogeneous groups of patients.  We know that the higher risk groups DO benefit from appropriate VTE prophylaxis: Orthopaedic surgical patients General and gynaecological surgery Oncological […]