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Old Doc, New Drug: Ticagrelor

We all love to interfere with the clotting cascade in modern medicine, and this is a new way to do so!  Yet another unpronounceable new drug.  Ti-CAG-re-lor  is the latest in the family of drugs [cyclopentyltriazolopyrimidines.. forget that word immediately ] that stop clots and start bleeding.  I like to call it “tiger claw” and everyone around […]


ConSEPT Trial: Phenytoin vs. Levetiracetam in Status Epilepsy

Hi All, Just got home from the excellent, engaging and enjoyable experience that was Don’t Forget the Bubbles 2018. It was really a fun event and the vibe was very relaxed.  There was a lot of “soft stuff” with patients, families and advocates talking to the clinicians.  However, there was also a good measure of […]