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First10EM Journal Club: May 2017

We are back with another set of papers to dissect, discuss and digest.  Justin and I have been working on a few big projects and are in full prep for the upcoming DasSMACC meeting in Berlin. We managed to skip April, but we are planning something a little special for June in Berlin. If you […]


eFAST for Pneumothorax

This is a bit of a rant about a few things that I am interested in lately. I was watching the FOAMed feed on Twitter the other day when I saw a paper mentioned by Dr Jonathan Henry ( @EmergencyEcho ).  Thanks for the post pub, peer review. Here was the tweet that caught my […]


Thoughts on the WOMAN Trial

Postpartum haemorrhage is really quite a broad term. I frequently manage women with retained placental tissue who require manual removal in theatre to halt persistent bleeding. This is routine, mundane Obstetric care. We follow well-trodden protocols. Most of these women do well. We sometimes need to resort to steps 3 or 4 in our algorithm […]