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Dr Roger Browning: On Oxytocin & Obstetric Anaesthesia

Hi all. If you are reading this message – then I am on a beach in Vanuatu eating fish and drinking rum from a coconut.  But I have a treat for you too !   This is a guest vodcast from one of my Obstetric Anaesthesia mentors Dr Roger Browning. Roger is a great bloke […]


Stump the Chumps International on IM Reasoning

I am a big fan of the IM Reasoning podcast by Art and Nick from Auckland.   So I got in touch with the fellows and offered a case for their excellent ” Stump the Chumps” series  It is all about diagnostic reasoning- allowing the listener to hear the inner workings of the mind s […]


Clinical Case 140: Rapid POCUS Diagnosis

A quick case from the Broome vault… This case really shows how we can use bedside POCUS to make really important diagnoses in rapid time.  Sometimes the fact that “traditional tests” are not available forces me to use POCUS as a “Substitute” which works out really well! If you are a POCUS junky or want […]