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Hope: from Home Birth to Hospice

Home birthing and hospice care.  Birth and death, aside from taxes, the only certainties in life!  These may not seem to be related topics, but they are.  Stay with me and I shall explain. Let us start with home birth.  There has been a bit of banter in Broome and online about the modern controversy […]


PODCAST: The Guru vs. the Gump [Contraception]

Yes – after a number of months away from the Broome Docs podcast we are back.  The podcast has been on the back burner whilst I have been prepping for SMACC in Dublin and podcasting away over at Primary Care RAP. This is an older file from the archive that has been neglected.  I have […]


Clinical Case 131: the Latent Lover’s Headache

Hi there.  Just back from a great break in beautiful Vanuatu.  Seriously amazing place to visit and explore.  The beauty: death ratio is in balance! I have a case for you today which has come up a few times recently.  It is certainly something that does occur in the ED, but most GPs deal with […]