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Case 0001 – Multitrauma

43 yo. woman who wandered onto road when drunk. Struck by 4WD @ 70kph to right side. GCS 15 @ scene, clinically deformed right femur and “mangled” R forearm. On arrival to ED 20/60 later – pulse 120, thready, BP 100/40, agitated, GCS now 12, normal response rate / work. Over next 5 mins 2L […]


Welcome to Broome Docs

Welcome to Broome Docs, this site is intended to provide a single source of up-to-date educational material for country doctors. Country docs are “jacks of all trades”, GPs, Anaesthetists, part-time intensivists, O&G, Paeds, Psych ….  basically the doctors in the country who have to deal with whatever rolls in the door. I am a Broome Doc, […]