Clinical Case 117: Cancer Fishin’


OK – this case is for all the GPs and Internal Medicine types out there.  This is a relatively common scenario…  how do you play it? Here’s the case. Bruce is a 53 y.o. accountant.  He is a little overweight at 89 kg (BMI 31).  He is otherwise relatively well, he cycles to the cafe […]


Hypercalcemia in a nutshell


Have seen a few patients with hypercalcemia recently and it has gotten me thinking.   It is one of those areas of medicine where the complex endocrine physiology and diseases can seem a bit overwhelming.  When we approach it in a practical sense it is much simpler than the head-spinning Med school lectures left us […]


Mammography and pink cricket bats


A new review of the breast cancer screening ( mammography ) literature came out in the Lancet this week.  This is essentially an expert panel reviewing old data – nothing new.  The UK-based panel looked a the data from a number of long-running screening cohort studies and produced a set of round number estimates for the […]