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SMACCDUB: Bayes 2016 – A Diagnostic Odyssey

At the last SMACC outing in Dublin I gave this talk about Bayes’ theorem in medicine.  The challenge was to try and show how we can use this elegant idea in our day-to-day work. Today the audio version has been released on the SMACC podcast for all to hear.  It is a somewhat technical talk […]


Pneumonia Ultrasound Diagnostic Strategy

In June I will be travelling to the Emerald Isle to attend and learn at the SMACC Conference in Dublin.  One of my jobs whilst I am there is to help out on the SMACC Mini workshop – I will be talking about using lung US to diagnose paediatric pneumonia.  Clearly, I am a self-confessed […]


Quantum Quandaries, Diagnostic Decoherence and Probabilisticians

So I imagine you have just read the title of this post and thought – “Casey has finally lost it!” – or something to that effect…. Diagnostic Decoherence – it sounds like the title of an obscure SMACC lecture. So what am I rambling on about – what is this concept? Where does it come […]