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SMACCDUB: Bayes 2016 – A Diagnostic Odyssey

At the last SMACC outing in Dublin I gave this talk about Bayes’ theorem in medicine.  The challenge was to try and show how we can use this elegant idea in our day-to-day work. Today the audio version has been released on the SMACC podcast for all to hear.  It is a somewhat technical talk […]


CSAW See-saws

Orthopaedics is really one of the last frontiers of evidence-based medicine.  In this field, there are few high-quality, randomised trials to tell us what works, what harms and what is just a waste of time.  In recent years we have seen some procedures put under the arthroscope and examined by the numbers.  Notably, the very common […]


Pain Plan

Hello, this post is inspired by a few recent discussions that have been taking place on the FOAMed Twitter space.  It is all about how we should approach the ongoing pain for patients whom we are sending home from the ED. There is a big tension here.  We are good people; we went into Medicine […]


Thoughts on the WOMAN Trial

Postpartum haemorrhage is really quite a broad term. I frequently manage women with retained placental tissue who require manual removal in theatre to halt persistent bleeding. This is routine, mundane Obstetric care. We follow well-trodden protocols. Most of these women do well. We sometimes need to resort to steps 3 or 4 in our algorithm […]


Pneumonia Ultrasound Diagnostic Strategy

In June I will be travelling to the Emerald Isle to attend and learn at the SMACC Conference in Dublin.  One of my jobs whilst I am there is to help out on the SMACC Mini workshop – I will be talking about using lung US to diagnose paediatric pneumonia.  Clearly, I am a self-confessed […]