Lessons Hard Learned 3: 7 lessons from a Paeds ED

This is episode #3 of “Lessons Hard Learned”.

It is Paeds month at Broome Docs – so this is a Paeds case that demonstrates at least 7 lessons we can all learn.

It is a bit of a Swiss Cheese scenario – lots of errors aligning to create a perfect storm where disaster can occur.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Lots of biases on display here – Casey




  1. i thought you might be interested in this book if you haven’t read it already – “how doctors think” by jerome groopman m.d. all about affirmative/confirmation biases etc, similar to this stream of “lessons hard learned”. easy to read (i thought).


  1. […] Finally, I have always worked in hospitals that see kids and I think it’s a really exciting and rewarding part of practice. Like everyone else I am not immune to errors and many of the lessons in this presentation are…., as Casey Parker might say Hard Learned. […]

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