Clinical Case 015: Septic Surprise

I have been busy learning all this week, so not much new material.  Fortunately Dr Ray Gadd out of Qld has sent me a ripper case of sepsis for you to mull and consider.    I know Ray is a keen Broome Docs reader – so let him know what your thoughts are on this case via the Comments area, we all learn from shared ideas!  I love this case because it is a true representation of the resources available to us in remote communities.  The case is definitely not “textbook” – but it is real!

Today’s case is food for thought, I will use it as a basis for some upcoming posts on Sepsis.  Over the coming weeks I hope to put together some Sepsis Resources which I reckon can make the diagnosis and management of sepsis in small / remote hospitals much easier and bring the standard of care for these super-sick patients up to a similar level they would get in any tertiary ED.

So – without further ado – Here is Ray’s case :  Septic Surprise (Apologies it is in PowerPoint – takes a bit to download)


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