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Blood ‘n Guts: hold the blood, save the patient?

One of the trends of recent trauma literature has been the use of “minimal volume” or “permissive hypotension” strategies in the face of bleeding. Now there is a new study from the New England Journal that compared 2 transfusion strategies in acute upper GI bleeding. And guess what?  It looks like less is more in […]


Podcast 007: Eye trauma with Dr Seb Rubinzstein-Dunlop

In this episode I catch up with Dr Sebastian Runbinzstein-Dunlop, a fellow Broome Doc who has an interest in Eye stuff.  Seb is rare in that he has actually been in a remote situation where he has done decompressive lateral canthotomy to save an eye.  So here we chat about the types of scenarios, symptoms […]


2012: Review, thanks and the future

In true FOAMed tradition I am writing an end-of-year review.  A moment to pause and look back at 2012 – the highlights and to say a big thankyou to all the people out there who read, comment, contribute and keep this site going. 2012 saw Broome Docs evolve a little.  Highlights:  The site changed address […]