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Contraception: Commonsense and controversy

Welcome back.  I have had a few weeks off and this is the first podcast for a while. I have invited Dr Penny Wilson – our resident GP / Gynae / Women’s health expert back onto the podcast to discuss her approach to the common presentation of contraception counselling.  We also discuss the recent controversy […]


SMACC GOLD Papers: Be a part of it

Just in case you are living under a rock and have not heard about SMACC Gold yet – it is on! It was a brilliant conference – cutting edge medicine, great social functions and a really awesome vibe.  This conference breaks down the barriers between academics, clincians, doctors, nurses, paramedics and whoever you are. It […]


Letter to my Registrars: On statins and stuff

Last week in Australia – a 2 part documentary on the Catalyst program (ABC1) raised a lot of questions about the use of statins for the management of low-risk patient’s cholesterol levels.  This letter is addressed to my trainees.   Dear Registrars, By now you have probably had a few patients come through your door […]