Blood ‘n Guts: hold the blood, save the patient?


One of the trends of recent trauma literature has been the use of “minimal volume” or “permissive hypotension” strategies in the face of bleeding. Now there is a new study from the New England Journal that compared 2 transfusion strategies in acute upper GI bleeding. And guess what?  It looks like less is more in […]


Clinical Case 047: Not so sweet feet

Figura 6

This week a classic Australian remote area case.  There is so much to discuss on this case!  But I have isolated a few key points to put under the microscope, and get your input / expertise. 47 yo. Aboriginal woman has returned to the ED complaining of painless purulent lesions on her left foot.  She […]


Clinical Case 026: Hangover Haemetemesis

10:00 AM, 33 yo man with a history of frequent binge-drinking presents to ED by ambulance after his flat mate found him spewing up blood in the bathroom.  The two had been on a big night out, about a carton each (normal for Broome).  Had a late night kebab and retired around 3 AM.  The […]


Clinical Case 017: Dr Sally’s Unusual Ulcers

This case come from Dr Sally Singleton, Broome ED JMO, who is currently studying her diploma in Tropical Med. A 43 year old Burmese male was transferred to our hospital from an Australian customs ship. Three days earlier, he and his fellow asylum seekers had been found off the North-West Australian coast. They were in […]