Clinical Case 085: the trouble with Phineas


Imagine this scenario. You turn up to work your day shift and see you have been assigned to the Obs ward for the morning.  It is your task to see the dozen or so patients sleeping off the evils of the night before in the small ward out back of the ED.  You know the […]


Clinical Case 076: post, post-ictal?


This case asks a question to which I do not know the answer.  I am not sure there is an answer – so I am putting it out there for you all to “crowd source” some enlightenment. 49 yo man with a history of an acquired brain injury and subsequent seizure disorder – he has […]


Clinical Case 066: Things that go Bump in the Night


OK readers.  It has been a while since I gave you all the chance to cover yourselves in glory and show off your super-generalist diagnostic skills.  So todays case is a clinical quiz  – as always the prize is…. love and respect, and I will buy you a mango beer if you ever make it […]


Undiagnose, Unprescribe, Unharm – part I

This is hopefully the first post in a series of posts looking at the concept of “undiagnosing” patients.  This might sound a bit daft, but it is something that we all do on a frequent basis – sometimes on our own patients, sometimes on others.  Usually the original diagnosis is in error – not because […]