Surviving Sedation 2015


It has been a busy month behind the scenes here at Broome Docs – lots of big projects and plans going on…  wait and see what we are have in the offing. One project that I have been working on with a group of great clinicians from all over Australia.  It is called SURVIVING SEDATION […]


Broome Docs Podcast 010: Suicide Assessment with Dr Rob Orman


Back in July I wrote a bit of a long rant titled: “On Evidence, Education, Errors, Ego and Expert Intuition” in which I tried to outline my approach to clinical decision-making, the use of evidence and the role of simple safety principles when we are dealing with high-risk clinical scenarios.  As I was writing this I […]


Cross-pollination: Paeds procedural sedation


One of the benefits of being a generalist, a doc who tries to do a bit of everything is that from time to time I find that a trick, concept or idea from one area of practice jumps and screams to be used in another area of practice. So I thought I might throw out […]


Clinical Case 072: The Difficult Airway that Wasn’t


Today I have another Airway case for you from Dr James DuCanto, M.D. Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Here is the case as described by James:  Watch the video here:  JDucanto difficult airway Middle aged male presents for urgent surgery with multiple medical co-morbidities (on renal transplant list), and multiple indicators of difficult […]


NIV: thoughts and tips


Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) comes in a variety of forms, machines and names.  It is something that has really changed the way we manage some common ED scenarios, however it is often misunderstood and done poorly. I have just finished reading through the course manual for an upcoming Emergency Skills Course I am doing next […]