Lactate PK by Dr Laura Castle

Lactate pic

Welcome back to our third and final PK presentation from the recent ACEM Winter Symposium in Broome. Dr Laura Castle is a JMO in the Broome ED and I gave her the challenge of covering everything to do with “lactate” in 6mins and 40 secs.  Now there is a lot of physiology, controversy and practicality […]


Lessons Hard Learned with Dr Dave Forster

Dave F n me

Welsome back to our Lessons Hard Learned series. This one is about patient relationships in clinical settings. Dr Dave Forster is a fellow Broome Doc – he shares a case from his days as a younger trainee.  Not many people know this but Dr Dave is a part-time model.  Sure he is a balding, hairy man […]


Dr Geordan Shannon – the Pap smear podcast


May is still Women’s health month – so I invited my mate Dr Geordan Shannon back onto the podcast in order to get a refresher on cervical cancer screening – yes, the dreaded Pap smear. Geordan is a passionate advocate and researcher for Women’s health, sexual health and especially Aboriginal health issues related to reproduction […]


Mammography and pink cricket bats


A new review of the breast cancer screening ( mammography ) literature came out in the Lancet this week.  This is essentially an expert panel reviewing old data – nothing new.  The UK-based panel looked a the data from a number of long-running screening cohort studies and produced a set of round number estimates for the […]


Prostate Screening: where are we now?

Not many topics in GP get more arguments going than prostate cancer screening – there are well-ignored guidelines, superstitions and lies, damn lies and statistics galore.  (I got a giggle out of this comic from @bungeechump  - click the pic to enlarge) There have been a few big studies out in the last 5 years […]