Broome Docs Vodcast 009: Airway 101 with Drs Tim Leeuwenberg and Jamie Doube

Dr Doube with LMA in situ

I recently caught up with my S.A. mate Dr Tim Leeuwenberg ( who is the Prof. of all things airway in the GP realm.  Tim has recently published an audit of Aussie rural GPs and their access to airway gear, knowledge and practice when it come to emergency airway management. Tim is a really clear […]


Clinical Case 069: Can’t Intubate, can ventilate …. for now


 I always thought that Beaker would be the toughest Muppet to intubate.  Sure he’s skinny, but a non-existent thyro-mental gap and that big nose will impede cord visualisation…any other thoughts? Todays case is one of those unique country-doctor scenarios.  Sure it could happen anywhere, but working in a small town has a few special and […]


RSI: made stupidly simple

The Rapid Sequence Intubation is one of those “gotta have” skills for clinicians who work in frontline medicine. Fair to say there are a lot of sequences out there, but they all follow the same basic plan – prepare, inject the juice, and get the airway secured ASAP.  In recent years there have been a […]


Are you an Occasional Intubator?

If you are a reader of our comments sectio, you will know about Dr Minh Le Cong – RFDS Doc from Cairns who is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have come across in the ether.  If you want a sample of his pearls of wisdom – go to my post on Preoxygenation Pearls […]


Roc vs Sux showdown

I have never used Roc for a RSI, but I think that needs to change. For me this is a “practice changing” stuff – check it out, many thanks to Dr Cliff Reid at Resus.Me for bringing this to my attention. In ED when the chips are down and “not intubating” is not an option […]