Broome Docs Podcast 003: Suicide with Minh


The third Broome Docs podcast is out now. I spent 45 minutes discussing 3 cases of suicide and a bit about risk in the ED.  It is a bit longer than my average discussion – but there is so much stuff to talk about, and Minh has a few great pearls and personal experiences to […]


Antipsychotics, ECGs, QTcs and Catastrophes


In 2001 the FDA in the USA put a “black box” warning on droperidol after a series of case reports linking it with torsades de pointes.  Since then there have been  lot of cases of antipsychotic-related cardiac badness and it is fair to say this is something psychiatrists worry about.  It would be nice to […]


Dr Le Cong – the Medical Blogshere’s most promiscuous lecturer

Dr Minh Le Cong (RFDS) is possibly the most promiscuous blogshere lecturer out there – he pops up on all the best sites! After playing the field at Emcrit and LITFL, he is back on Broome Docs this week covering our favourite topic – Psych sedation and retrieval.  This is his presentation to the Australian […]


Clinical Case 024: Livin’ the ketamine dream

If you are new to Broome Docs, then you might have missed my mild obsession with Acute Psychiatric Sedation.  (GO back and read the posts from earlier 2011 to get the background and some tricky cases to ponder.) Last night I had my first opportunity to put Dr Minh Le Cong’s secret weapon (ketamine) into […]


A Bridge Over Troubled Waters – part 2.

Here is the gripping conclusion to the Extreme Psych transport that we heard about from Dr Minh in PArt 1 of “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters?” It is fair to say that Dr Minh and I have similar but slightly differing views on this difficult and hazardous topic.  So here is Minh’s conclusion to the […]