SMACC is here

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So it has been a few months since the SMACC GOLD conference on the Gold Coast – there has been a period of excitement – the build up to this moment….. The SMACC media is out – yes!  You can experience the SMACC GOLD awesomeness right at home in your cozy armchair. Roger, Oli, Chris, […]


Taking the BS out of Medical Evidence

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HI all It has been a bit quiet on the blog over the festive season and with the lead up to SMACC making us all busy beavers. I have a quick recommendation for you – I have started listening to a new podcast – actually it has been going for a few hundred episodes but […]


My favourite SMACC 2013 talk

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The SAMCC conference was a really great event – so many wonderful talks and chances to chat with super-enthusiastic educators from all over the world. There were plenty of clinical lectures which were practice changing and I am often asked which were the best – too hard to answer – sorry.  Listen to the podcast […]


Broome Docs Podcast 004: Labour ward pearls with Dr Shannon


OK, Broome Docs podcast 004 is now out there for your listening pleasure. I enroll the help of Dr Geordan Shannon to boldly go where no man ought to go – the labour ward. We discuss the basics of birth, labour and the tricky decisions that we need to make at the moment of birth. […]


Broome Docs Podcast 003: Suicide with Minh


The third Broome Docs podcast is out now. I spent 45 minutes discussing 3 cases of suicide and a bit about risk in the ED.  It is a bit longer than my average discussion – but there is so much stuff to talk about, and Minh has a few great pearls and personal experiences to […]