Medical myth : Give Max with your Morph?


Gday readers.  This post is the result of a recent Twitter discussion involving a group of FOAMites including: @EMManchester, @smotovmd, @EMS_Junkie, @ KangarooBeach, @rfdsdoc, @MDAware, @Darn_if_i_know, @OneArmWonder, @Lyall I had a very Orthopaedic weekend – footy season is back, lots of minor injuries.  And then the seasonal influx of tourists – means a lot of […]


Dysmenorrhea with Dr Penny Wilson

HOt water bottle

Dysmenorrhea is a very common problem in primary care, and can even turn up in the ED from time to time. As a bloke GP mainly doing ED stuff, I rarely have to treat it beyond suggesting some OTC NSAIDs and a hot pack. So I have teamed up with Dr Penny Wilson (@nomadicgp) who […]


Broome Docs Podcast 008: Earache in kids with Dr Dave Forster


Yes it is time for another Broome Docs podcast! Once again I spoke with Dr Dave Forster about one of his pet topics:  earache in kids. This is a super-common presentation and one that can be a bit confusing.  In this podcast we talk about the differentiation of otitis externa from media, analgesia strategies and […]


Clinical Case 071: Chest pain puzzle


OK a quick case for you – a diagnostic case for you to ponder.  No critical care this week! 36 yo man presents to the GP with a 3 day history of increasing, sharp, pleuritic posterior chest pain that has a clear mechanical history.   It began the morning after a long play session in […]


Benzos, back pain, Descartes and depression

This week I got involved in an online debate that started at LITFL’s Socrates and Sophistry section, then spilled over into the less-civilized Twittersphere.  Dr Minh le Cong @rfdsdoc (PHARM podcast) and I got into a bit of a debate about the role of benzodiazepines in acute back pain management.  I took the no, not […]