Dysmenorrhea with Dr Penny Wilson

HOt water bottle

Dysmenorrhea is a very common problem in primary care, and can even turn up in the ED from time to time. As a bloke GP mainly doing ED stuff, I rarely have to treat it beyond suggesting some OTC NSAIDs and a hot pack. So I have teamed up with Dr Penny Wilson (@nomadicgp) who […]


Broome Docs Podcast 008: Earache in kids with Dr Dave Forster


Yes it is time for another Broome Docs podcast! Once again I spoke with Dr Dave Forster about one of his pet topics:  earache in kids. This is a super-common presentation and one that can be a bit confusing.  In this podcast we talk about the differentiation of otitis externa from media, analgesia strategies and […]


Clinical Case 071: Chest pain puzzle


OK a quick case for you – a diagnostic case for you to ponder.  No critical care this week! 36 yo man presents to the GP with a 3 day history of increasing, sharp, pleuritic posterior chest pain that has a clear mechanical history.   It began the morning after a long play session in […]


Benzos, back pain, Descartes and depression

This week I got involved in an online debate that started at LITFL’s Socrates and Sophistry section, then spilled over into the less-civilized Twittersphere.  Dr Minh le Cong @rfdsdoc (PHARM podcast) and I got into a bit of a debate about the role of benzodiazepines in acute back pain management.  I took the no, not […]


Case 0003 – Beyond opiates in Chronic pain

63 yo man with advanced oesophageal cancer, diagnosed 18 months ago.  Now has extensive liver mets, retroperitoneal tumour and fungating open tumour in lower abdomen. Presents to ED Saturday morning with intractable visceral-sounding pain – “not responding to his usual pain tablets”.  So what is he taking for this pain : 2 x 80 mg OxyContin […]