Clinical Case 072: The Difficult Airway that Wasn’t


Today I have another Airway case for you from Dr James DuCanto, M.D. Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Here is the case as described by James:  Watch the video here:  JDucanto difficult airway Middle aged male presents for urgent surgery with multiple medical co-morbidities (on renal transplant list), and multiple indicators of difficult […]


Acute severe asthma: the evidence 2011

All of these recent posts and commentary on severe COPD has lead to a few discussions about the management of the Acute Severe Asthmatic around my workplace.  It is fair to say that this is an area where tradition and long-held beliefs have a grip, but there is a bit of recent evidence to suggest […]


Can’t Intubate, Can’t Ventilate! The low down on code brown


Now this is a huge post, apologies in advance – goes a bit over the usual 2 minute read I aspire to!  But… this is gold. Ever been in a “Can’t Intubate, Can’t ventilate” scenario  – if you said ‘no’ then lucky you.  It is a rare occurrence in Airway management but one which has […]


Preoxygenation Pearls

This post might become a regular under the banner “What I learned from Scott Weingart this week!”  Scott runs the EMCrit blog and if you haven’t seen it – do yourself a favour and download his podcasts from Itunes – he is a great teacher, and pitches his education in a practical / pragmatic fashion […]


Clinical Case 004 – Post-op PEEP++

This case happened today and I think it is in my top 3 ventilation challenges ever! 19 yo man, fit and well, thin.  Acute appendicitis, not particularly septic pre-op.  Underwent routine RSI and  open appendectomy (necrotic appendix, no free fluid).  muscle relaxants reversed and extubated without incident and moved to Recovery room.   About 10 […]