Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Domhnall Brannigan

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After a bit of a break – the Lessons Hard Learned series is back. Today I am chatting with Dr Domhnall Brannigan from Tasmania / Ireland.  He tells me about a really sad case he saw and we discuss the biases we all carry in medicine, communication and some Resus stuff you won’t read in […]


Obstetric Anaesthesia for Obstetricians

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Welcome back – today’s podcast is all about Obstetric Anaesthesia – from the labour ward, into theatre and on the recovery side. Dr Penny Wilson [ @nomadicgp ] sent me a list of “dumb” questions that she had as an Obstetrician working alongside the GP-Anaesthetists in her practice.  Fair to say that the dark art […]


Big Belly Baby Bleed – managing late-term Obstetric bleeding


It is ladies month here still – and today we are going to get into one of the the big Emergency scenarios of Women’s health.  Imagine this: Its a quiet night shift – you are contemplating a third cuppa when the triage nurse rolls in with a young woman on a wheelchair. Your powers of […]


Broome Docs Podcast 006: Epidurals with Dr Dave Forster


Welcome to Episode 6: better than the Return of the Jedi. In this podcast I am joined by my mate Dr Dave Forster.  Dave is super enthusiastic about pretty much everything – including epidurals.  Lets face it – epidurals can be really the bane of our practice – they can be good, bad or ugly […]


Broome Docs Podcast 005: HCGs, Ectopics Etc with Dr Geordan Shannon


The second installment from Dr Geordan Shannon – my guide into the confusing world of Women’s Health. Geordan learns me some stuff about first trimester bleeding, HCG and US interpretation.  And what to do when it remains unclear! You might want to go back and read The previous posts on HCG  HERE and HERE if you […]