Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Andy Neill

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The latest episode of Lessons Hard Learned features yet another Irish FOAMed man. Dr Andy Neill is an ED trainee who has been running the Emergency Medicine Ireland blog, vodcast, the awesome “Anatomy for ED” and the “Tasty Morsels series” over the past few years – in fact andy and I started out in the […]


Clinical Case 085: the trouble with Phineas


Imagine this scenario. You turn up to work your day shift and see you have been assigned to the Obs ward for the morning.  It is your task to see the dozen or so patients sleeping off the evils of the night before in the small ward out back of the ED.  You know the […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Episode 7 with Dr Mel… again


Hi Listeners   Dr MEl Thompson is back for a second bite of “lessons hard learned ” This case is a lot close to home, I think these types of errors / system problems occur in large multi-department hospitals all the time – you might evne have seen it recently.   SO have a listen […]


Lessons Hard Learned – Episode 6 with Dr Melanie Thompson


Gday, it is still Paeds month – so I have dragged an unsuspecting local Paediatrician up to the mike! This is # 6 in the series of Lessons Hard Learned. IN this episode Dr Mel Thompson recounts a truly terrible experience in a remote, resource poor and difficult environment. However, some of the lessons from […]


5 Quick Tox Cases


Well I am just back from Sydney – SMACC2013.  It was heaps of fun, and I got to meet a lot of my FOAMy heroes, long time collaborators and heaps of you folk that read this. SMACC will be slowly trickled out over the ether in the coming months so you can enjoy it all […]