Clinical Case 089: Tormented teen

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Ok the format of todays case is a little different.  This is a role-playing game that I use from time-to-time with our JMOs. It is called: “Your Next Line…”  The case unrolls as we step through the presentation, history and dialogue – with “time freezes” – kind of like theatre sports.  In each time freeze […]


Mental Health Assessment in the ED by Dr Andrew Webster


Assessing the mental health patient in ED First of all, forget about ‘medical clearance’ of mental health patients – this terminology misses the point of the ED assessment of MH patients – after all, true medical clearance of ANY patient, let alone a MH patient ,is probably impossible. Really what we are aiming to do […]


Benzos, back pain, Descartes and depression

This week I got involved in an online debate that started at LITFL’s Socrates and Sophistry section, then spilled over into the less-civilized Twittersphere.  Dr Minh le Cong @rfdsdoc (PHARM podcast) and I got into a bit of a debate about the role of benzodiazepines in acute back pain management.  I took the no, not […]


Placebo paradox: Descartes dilemma


Your intern in ED has just seen a 25 yo. woman who has presented with 30 minute history of SOB, tachycardia and feeling like she is going to faint.  Her obs at triage are normal other than tachypnea @ 30/min.  To examine her chest is clear.  She is sating at 100% on 6 l/m HM. […]


A Bridge over Troubled waters?

Hi All As a special treat we have a case from Dr Minh Le Cong, my favorite flying doctor. Minh is superkeen when it comes to all things involving Psych transfer and sedation.  Check out the research and resources he has shared in the links at hte bottom of the Blog. Anyway, this week Minh […]