Clinical Case 100: Back to the Future


Whooo hooo! Here we go – Broome Docs is bringing up the century of Clinical Cases. I thought that for the big 100 we would go back to the beginning – back to Case 001.  It was the first post on the blog – it was a multi trauma case – a lady hit by a […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Tim’s Surgical airway baptism


Hi there team. Been away from Broome for a few days in Perth doing a bit of ICU training [and remembering why I don’t work in a tertiary centre!] I was lucky enough to be able to do the BASIC course  – which is a course designed for junior ICU doctors but really pretty applicable […]


Medical Ethics Question

Ethical Dilemma

One of my jobs is acting as a supervisor / mentor to the next generation of doctors – medical students in the final phases of their training. Recently one of my students  (Anton Lavell) posed an ethical question – I think I know what my “position” is on this question.  But, I want to know […]


Clinical Case 081: Intubation Procrastination


This is my first Clinical Case on the podcast.  So hope you like the format – it is a bit mixed media. Here is what I want you to do – first listen to the podcast below,  take your time to think it over and then give me your opinion. Either write a comment on […]


Broome Docs Vodcast 009: Airway 101 with Drs Tim Leeuwenberg and Jamie Doube

Dr Doube with LMA in situ

I recently caught up with my S.A. mate Dr Tim Leeuwenberg ( who is the Prof. of all things airway in the GP realm.  Tim has recently published an audit of Aussie rural GPs and their access to airway gear, knowledge and practice when it come to emergency airway management. Tim is a really clear […]