Lactate PK by Dr Laura Castle

Lactate pic

Welcome back to our third and final PK presentation from the recent ACEM Winter Symposium in Broome. Dr Laura Castle is a JMO in the Broome ED and I gave her the challenge of covering everything to do with “lactate” in 6mins and 40 secs.  Now there is a lot of physiology, controversy and practicality […]


Sepsis Kimberley style: Fluid Management by Dr James Wright

sepsis fluid

Welcome back – I have had a few weeks away from Broome and back to the job today. This video (VODCAST) is a follow on from the recent ACEM Winter Symposium presentation we did with the Broome ED JMOs. This episode is part 2 – should follow on from Dr Laura Smith’s case and outline. […]


Kawasaki’s Disease – a PK


A quick disclaimer – I know that PK talks are supposed to go for 6 minutes and 40 seconds – but I am a lazy man. So this one is a bit longer. Still 10 minutes is respectable for such a fascinating topic. I love Paediatrics – acute, ED / GP Paeds!  Why?  Because I […]


A dose of Dex?


I have a confession.  For as long as I can remember I have been prescribing a dose of dexamethasone or two for people with acute tonsillo-pharyngitis.  Now, I always thought this was a little bit naughty, not really “the done thing” for a doc who tries to be evidence-based.  But over the years I have […]


Clinical Case 049: the Unseen ECG


I was sitting at the desk writing up some notes when the triage nurse stuck the following ECG strip under my nose. The story was that this chap was a hypertensive, obese, diabetic vasculopath with impaired renal function who had presented with a fever of 39 deg and nasty looking diabetic feet (see Clinical case […]