Risk and Uncertainty – part 1

Gerd Gigerenzer

Gday. It has been a quite month on the blog as I have started paternity leave and have been redressing the work-life balance scales – very much in the family direction. Not doing any clinical work has given me time to pause and ponder a few of the more abstract ideas that we often brush […]


Quantum Quandaries, Diagnostic Decoherence and Probabilisticians


So I imagine you have just read the title of this post and thought – “Casey has finally lost it!” – or something to that effect…. Diagnostic Decoherence – it sounds like the title of an obscure SMACC lecture. So what am I rambling on about – what is this concept? Where does it come […]


The Schizophrenic Mind of a Part-time Resuscitationist

kenny roger

OK a quick Broome pearl tonight Scott Weingart just posted a really thought-provoking podcast on Errors of Omission vs Commission So I have put up a quick podcast to outline my thoughts about the case and the problem I see with errors involving inappropriate medicine in the ED. Please leave your thoughts on Scotts blog […]


FOAM4GP: The debates begin


This is just a quick post for anyone out there who might be interested in the new debate series that we have started over on the FOAM4GP blog & podcast. The idea is to share pearls, evidence and information on common, controversial and difficult topics in Medicine through the medium of debate. It is edutainment […]


Killer Keeweedoc

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 8.56.19 pm

When I say “Killer Keeweedoc” – I mean the website, not the actual author.  I am sure he is really a very good doctor.  Actually having met him at SMACC last year – I can say he is a super nice chap, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Not often that I say nice things about New […]