Clinical Case 102: Found down, Fluid please


Ok a quick case from the Kimberley.  It has been a while since I have done a quiz – so here we go!! This one is for the metabolic geeks out there.  Here is your chance to win the love and respect of your peers Imagine you are in a remote health clinic. 2 hours […]


Clinical Case 080: Head scratching diagnosis from the bush

bush head

  This case comes from Dr Cathy Harris – a former Broome Doc, now living in Gunnedah NSW.  Cathy describes a great case in which the common traps of diagnostic momentum, bias and back-to-front reasoning come into play.  Here is the case as it played out: I am handed the triage note of a 39 year old […]


Clinical Case 077: Fluid balancing act


This is a tough one – a clinical scenario that is unfortunately a bit too common in my part of the world.  I want to know how you would go about balancing the fluids in this case, what will you use to measure the adequacy of the resuscitation / fluid administration.  It is a tight […]


Clinical Case 047: Not so sweet feet

Figura 6

This week a classic Australian remote area case.  There is so much to discuss on this case!  But I have isolated a few key points to put under the microscope, and get your input / expertise. 47 yo. Aboriginal woman has returned to the ED complaining of painless purulent lesions on her left foot.  She […]


Life in Broome is sweet, a bit too sweet.

Broome is one of the centres of Aboriginal Health care in Australia.  One of the biggest disease burdens in the Aboriginal population is type 2 diabetes.  The stats are scary, and the complications of this potentially managable disease are rife in our community.  From preventable blindness to end-stage diabetic nephropathy – this is a crippling […]