Lessons Hard Learned: Irish Lessons in Cairns

Irish Calm

THis is the latest instalment in the “Lessons Hard Learned” series. Recently I caught up with the SMACC crew at the Bedside critical Care conference in Cairns – FNQ.  I took the opportunity to trap a couple of unsuspecting Irishmen into an impromptu podcast by the poolside. Awesome conference and great vibe – mini-SMACC really. […]


Clinical Case 089: Tormented teen

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.48.37 PM

Ok the format of todays case is a little different.  This is a role-playing game that I use from time-to-time with our JMOs. It is called: “Your Next Line…”  The case unrolls as we step through the presentation, history and dialogue – with “time freezes” – kind of like theatre sports.  In each time freeze […]


Lessons Hard Learned – Episode 2


Gday, This is the second episode of “Lessons Hard Learned”.  This one is a little different.  When I put out the call for readers to tell how they have learned valuable lessons from their practice the hard way I got a lot of responses. One letter was really powerful – because it was from a […]


Broome Docs Podcast: the “difficult historian” rant


OK, welcome back to the podcast. Apologies but this one is a bit of a disgruntled grumble about a few things that really annoy me in modern medicine. I have just met my new cohort of JMOs, students and trainees and they seem like a really smart bunch.  So I thought I would put this […]


Consult Skills 2: When Agendas Collide or “Physician Know Thyself”

This is part 2 of Consult Skills.  Check out part 1 here if you haven’t yet.  Part 1 was all about trying to be better at our day-to-day consults – and it was pretty ‘touchy feely’.  This post is not so nice, this is about dealing with the dark side of medicine.  Think of the […]