Clinical Case 119: Trauma & the Sensitive New Age Ultrasound

Angry GF

OK tonight I have a trauma case for you. Billifred is a 24 year old man whom lives with his partner.  There relationship took a turn for the worse this evening when she found her sister’s underpants in his car. Billifred is a “lover, no a fighter…” but tonight he was forced to defend himself […]


Clinical Case 104: FAST Thinking


This is a trauma case.  I want to use this case to illustrate something about the way we think about trauma when it comes to making calls using ultrasound – specifically the FAST exam.  FAST exams are ubiquitous in modern ED practice – but if executed and interpreted poorly – they are potentially a source […]


Clinical Case 091: A Pessimists Guide to Trauma


Had a tough trauma case the other day.  Not tough as in: “dying quickly” kind.  But tough as in the decision points were not clear, the findings a little equivocal and there were plenty of diagnostic biases and errors available for me to commit. I have a tendency towards pessimism in my practice – it […]


PE Prognostication with Dr Anand Senthi (part 2)


Ok, its here – the second part of the PE podcast.  This is where all the new concepts are squirrelled away.  We know that our current approach to PE is imperfect and likely does harm to a good number of patients – so can we do better? Dr Anand Senthi is back to run us […]


Rural Trauma Podcast: Emergency Trauma Management Course

trauma team

A quick shout out today to Drs Amit Maini and Andy Buck who are a couple of Melbourne-based ED docs who get out into the far reaches of Australia to work and are now planning to roll out a new trauma course. The theme of the Emergency Trauma Management course is taking your training further […]