Strept throat: Global Paeds Hangout

strept throat

After the post on Strept throat, Swabbing and Such last week – I have recorded a longish podcast with a gang of international PAeds FOAM crew: Drs Damian Roland,  Seth Trueger and Melanie Thompson.  They joined me for a chat about all things to do with pharyngitis in kids – the diagnosis, the work up, […]


Broome Docs Podcast 008: Earache in kids with Dr Dave Forster


Yes it is time for another Broome Docs podcast! Once again I spoke with Dr Dave Forster about one of his pet topics:  earache in kids. This is a super-common presentation and one that can be a bit confusing.  In this podcast we talk about the differentiation of otitis externa from media, analgesia strategies and […]


Broome Docs Podcast 006: Epidurals with Dr Dave Forster


Welcome to Episode 6: better than the Return of the Jedi. In this podcast I am joined by my mate Dr Dave Forster.  Dave is super enthusiastic about pretty much everything – including epidurals.  Lets face it – epidurals can be really the bane of our practice – they can be good, bad or ugly […]


Cross-pollination: Paeds procedural sedation


One of the benefits of being a generalist, a doc who tries to do a bit of everything is that from time to time I find that a trick, concept or idea from one area of practice jumps and screams to be used in another area of practice. So I thought I might throw out […]


A dose of Dex?


I have a confession.  For as long as I can remember I have been prescribing a dose of dexamethasone or two for people with acute tonsillo-pharyngitis.  Now, I always thought this was a little bit naughty, not really “the done thing” for a doc who tries to be evidence-based.  But over the years I have […]