Clinical Case 099: To Lose One’s Marbles


A quick clinical case this week – it is a classical problem with kids – the airway foreign body.  I know there are a few ways to skin the proverbial cat – so I want to hear your approach. The setting is a small ED, no specialists – just the trusty old GP generalist plugging […]


Neonatal Resus Tips with Drs Mel Thompson and Liz Bannister


Welcome back – it has been a busy week on the job, so not much new stuff. Today I am putting out a podcast I recorded with a few of our local travelling PAediatricians – Dr Mel Thompson – who has previously delivered a couple of “lessons hard learned” and her mate Dr Liz Bannister. […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Tim’s Surgical airway baptism


Hi there team. Been away from Broome for a few days in Perth doing a bit of ICU training [and remembering why I don't work in a tertiary centre!] I was lucky enough to be able to do the BASIC course  – which is a course designed for junior ICU doctors but really pretty applicable […]


Lessons Hard Learned – Episode 8 with Dr Rob Orman


This is episode #8 of the Lessons Hard Learned Series. I am once again joined by Dr Rob Orman – the “one and only” guy behind the awesome ERCast blog and podcast.  Rob shares a story from his early days as an attending – its about how to be more humble, more human and more […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Episode 7 with Dr Mel… again


Hi Listeners   Dr MEl Thompson is back for a second bite of “lessons hard learned ” This case is a lot close to home, I think these types of errors / system problems occur in large multi-department hospitals all the time – you might evne have seen it recently.   SO have a listen […]