Resus Room Feng Shui

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Just had to reblog this one.  My mate and fellow “madman” of rural FOAM has just posted his SMACC talk slides for you all to check out – he was a star of the SMACC stage and did a great job selling the rural scene as the place to do great Medicine .   So […]


The Yellow Stone Ultrasound Course

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Are you going to SMACC – flying all that way for 4 days – well why not kill 3 birds with 1 Stone! (1) Attend SMACC (2) get some awesome pre-SMACC ultrasound and airway training (3) help save one of FOAMed’s great teachers from a dark, yellow side Here is how: Register for the Yellow […]


SMACC is here

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So it has been a few months since the SMACC GOLD conference on the Gold Coast – there has been a period of excitement – the build up to this moment….. The SMACC media is out – yes!  You can experience the SMACC GOLD awesomeness right at home in your cozy armchair. Roger, Oli, Chris, […]


PE Prognostication (part 3): Dr Senthi Strikes Back


To CT, or not to CT: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the lungs to suffer The risks and harms of outrageous investigation Or to take up probes against DVTs of troubles, And by sonography end them? To die: to bleed; No more; and by our tweets to say we end The head-ache […]


JAMMIT: Intraosseous Access and Fluid Bolus


Here is an example of a JAMMIT “instant tutorial”. Imagine you are a rural Doc who hasn’t done an IO line for years. You have a septic, flat 1 year old with chubby arms, no veins and no peripheral perfusion…… You have tried 2 peripheral lines in desperation – aimed at the antecubital fossae in […]