Strept throat: Global Paeds Hangout

strept throat

After the post on Strept throat, Swabbing and Such last week – I have recorded a longish podcast with a gang of international PAeds FOAM crew: Drs Damian Roland,  Seth Trueger and Melanie Thompson.  They joined me for a chat about all things to do with pharyngitis in kids – the diagnosis, the work up, […]


The MacGyver Dilemma: SMACC 2013, Sydney


It seems a while ago now – but SMACC 2013 was really fun and I was able to represent the rural Docs in the Critical Care world. The talk I was given was: The MacGyver Dilemma The idea was to try and explain how rural doctors manage to be “good enough at everything” and deliver […]


Sepsis Kimberley style: Dr Laura Smith


This is the first of a 3 vodcast series on “Sepsis – Kimberley style” In June 2013 Broome hosted the ACEM Winter symposium which was really cool – and they asked me to present something about ED Education in Broome as part of the program that included some really seriously great speakers. So instead of […]


Clinical Case 083: Itchy britches

killer undies

Hi readers – another case-based quiz for you all. In case you had not noticed – it is Paeds month here at Broome Docs.  So, apologies to all you adult docs out there. This case falls into the category of Boring EM. {check it out if you like common, everyday ED pearls} A 17 month […]


Snakebite 101: Broome’s Brits SAMCC down PK


In case you have been living on a planet other than Earth it is only a few weeks until the SMACC conference kicks off in Sydney – it is going to be “epic” as my Med Students like to say. I am really looking forward to meeting a heap of people whom I have ‘met’ […]