Clinical Case 072: The Difficult Airway that Wasn’t


Today I have another Airway case for you from Dr James DuCanto, M.D. Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Here is the case as described by James:  Watch the video here:  JDucanto difficult airway Middle aged male presents for urgent surgery with multiple medical co-morbidities (on renal transplant list), and multiple indicators of difficult […]


Difficult intubation deliberation


Last week I posted on a tricky airway requiring AFOI (awake fibre-optic intubation) – see Awake Intubation Procrastination. I got a bit of correspondence from the readers and a very special reader – Dr James DuCanto, M.D. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  (yep, Happy days, the Fonz.. you know the place.)  You will recognize Jim D if you […]


Ultrasound for Epidurals… I ask an expert: Dr Mitch

I have had a few readers ask questions about the use of ultrasound for the difficult epidural – usually in the labour ward context, but we sometimes run into this in the OT for combined spinal-epidural blocks.  Now I  love all things ultrasound – but looking at the literature it is tough to get a […]


Clinical Case 048: We Ask an Epidural Expert

This case is an opportunity for us to learn from an expert.  Epidural analgesia in labour can be rewarding and infuriating.  So I have enlisted the help of Dr Roger Browning – Consultant Anaesthetist at Fremantle and King Edward Memorial Hospitals {tertiary maternity centre in WA}.  I put a few questions to Roger based around […]


Consultation Skills: Intro

Consultation Skills – not the most exciting topic in medicine, but these are essential skills we use every day.  I think most doctors learned the basics in Med School, then went into real-world practice, found some approaches that worked and some that didn’t and ‘evolved’ a style.  My guess is that we opt for what […]