Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Domhnall Brannigan

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After a bit of a break – the Lessons Hard Learned series is back. Today I am chatting with Dr Domhnall Brannigan from Tasmania / Ireland.  He tells me about a really sad case he saw and we discuss the biases we all carry in medicine, communication and some Resus stuff you won’t read in […]


Lessons Hard Learned with Ryan Wallman


Today’s episode of Lessons Hard Learned is a bit different. My guest is my former Med School classmate, former doctor and now successful marketing copywriter (Dr) Ryan Wallman.  Sounds intriguing eh? Ryan has generously shared his story – it is about the decision to get out of Medicine as a career. It is not something […]


Stepping Up: Advice to Junior Doctors [and their teachers]


The best part of my job involves acting as a trainer, assessor and guide to a band of junior doctors.  This is fun!  After 10 years of “nose to the grindstone” ED work it is great to be in the role of supervisor – nothing freshens and keeps one honest in practice like acting as […]


Contraception: Commonsense and controversy


Welcome back.  I have had a few weeks off and this is the first podcast for a while. I have invited Dr Penny Wilson – our resident GP / Gynae / Women’s health expert back onto the podcast to discuss her approach to the common presentation of contraception counselling.  We also discuss the recent controversy […]


Audit of the Killer Stethoscopes


This presentation was the result of an audit completed by our Broome ED JMOs. Drs Laura Smith, James Wright and Peter Richardson decided to place our stethoscopes under the microscope – quite literally. We all know about the importance of hand-washing and other infection control measures, but rarely do we consider the ubiquitous ‘tubes’ as […]