Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Domhnall Brannigan

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After a bit of a break – the Lessons Hard Learned series is back. Today I am chatting with Dr Domhnall Brannigan from Tasmania / Ireland.  He tells me about a really sad case he saw and we discuss the biases we all carry in medicine, communication and some Resus stuff you won’t read in […]


Contraception: Commonsense and controversy


Welcome back.  I have had a few weeks off and this is the first podcast for a while. I have invited Dr Penny Wilson – our resident GP / Gynae / Women’s health expert back onto the podcast to discuss her approach to the common presentation of contraception counselling.  We also discuss the recent controversy […]


Obstetric Anaesthesia for Obstetricians

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Welcome back – today’s podcast is all about Obstetric Anaesthesia – from the labour ward, into theatre and on the recovery side. Dr Penny Wilson [ @nomadicgp ] sent me a list of “dumb” questions that she had as an Obstetrician working alongside the GP-Anaesthetists in her practice.  Fair to say that the dark art […]


First Trimester Bleeding with Dr Matt Dawson


Gday I have got a special treat for you today.  As a final hurrah in Gynae month I have saved the best for last.  Dr Matt Dawson of the UltrasoundPodcast [the slower talkin' one with the carefully-styled hair] has been good enough to share his diagnostic algorithm, US pearls and silky smooth tones.  We recorded […]


Infertility: GP management with Dr Penny Wilson


Infertility (or sub fertility – to be PC) is a common problem for which women (and men / couples) presen tto GPs.  It can be a really tricky area trying to work out the how, why and what.  I think we tend to do a lot of tests where often a careful history and rational […]