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SMACC SYDNEY… the Ultimate SMACC DownUnder

It is one of those happy-sad, bittersweet moments. The last SMACC is being planned for the 25th – 29th March, 2019.  The ticket ballot opens tomorrow – 20th August. This is promised to be the best SMACC ever, which is a big statement – kinda like saying: “longer then War and Peace” or “Funnier than […]


Old Doc New Drug: Tapentadol

The second instalment of the series of newfangled pharmacological favourites for your edification. This post is all about tapentadol… and its friends.  If you are like me you probably started noticing a trickle, then a flood of patients being discharged from big city hospitals on this new drug.  Now I am a simple rural doctor.  […]


Clinical Case 145: Stump the Chumps Perth

I have a special treat for you today!  One of the best things about FOAMed is the collaborations with great clinicians and teachers.  I was lucky enough to be able to get together with a few excellent minds to present this clinical case at the recent Australian Medical Students Society Conference, in Perth. WA. If […]