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Bronchiolitis 2017: Winter is Coming

The bronchiolitis season is here! Well it is in Broome anyway.  Winter in the southern hemisphere is on the way and we are all ready for the coughing, coryzal, crackly chickens that will crowd into our cubicles soon.  Bronchiolitis is the bread ‘n butter of Paeds Emergency care – this is something we need to […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Resa Lewiss

Welcome back.  A brand new Lesson Hard Learned episode from one of my favourite POCUS pals. Dr Resa Lewiss is a Colorado-based ED Physician and international teacher of POCUS.  Specifically she has done a lot of work in the developing world to bring the power of POCUS to the coal face of care in some […]


Time to Pause, Reflect & Pay It Forward

Gday So it has been a month since my last post, which I think is a Broomedocs record!  I decided to take a litle time to pause and reflect, do a bit of reading and work on a few of my other projects.  Don’t worry – all the clinical stuff will return soon.  Justin and […]